How to Get the Right Fit for Your Incontinence Products

How to Get the Right Fit for Your Incontinence Products

When it comes to incontinence products, one size definitely does not fit all. The difference between correctly and incorrectly fitting adult diapers or disposable incontinence products can mean staying dry versus dealing with embarrassing leaks.

Choosing the right size isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Unlike regular pants, which typically only consider waist size, adult diapers need to fit snugly around the waist, hips, and leg openings. Additionally, different manufacturers use varying measurements for their sizes, making it tricky to find the perfect fit.

Your body shape also plays a significant role in determining the best incontinence product for you. For instance, individuals with thinner thighs might find that tab-style briefs offer better protection than pull-on disposable underwear. Conversely, those with thicker thighs and a smaller waist may prefer the fit and comfort of pull-on underwear-style incontinence products.

Finding Out What Size Adult Diapers or Incontinence Products to Buy

Whether you are looking for reusable incontinence products or the best one on the market, choosing the right size is crucial for comfort, leak prevention, and skin health.

Accurate measurements are key. Measure the waist at the narrowest point and hips at the widest. Use these measurements to compare with the manufacturer’s size chart, as sizes can vary between brands. Common sizes range from small to XX-large.

Consider body shape and weight distribution—apple-shaped individuals may need a different size than pear-shaped ones. Assess absorbency needs: light to moderate incontinence might require standard sizes, while heavy incontinence needs higher absorbency, potentially affecting fit.

Look for adjustability features like elastic waistbands, re-sealable tabs, and stretch panels for a secure, comfortable fit. Trying sample packs can help determine the best fit. Consulting a healthcare provider for professional advice can also be beneficial in selecting the right size and type of adult diaper.

How to Know If Your Adult Diaper or Incontinence Products Fit Correctly

Your incontinence products should feel secure but not so tight that they leave red marks or restrict circulation. You should be able to move freely without causing sagging or gaps.

If the waist sags, try a smaller size. If the side tabs come undone, you likely need a larger size since the tabs are being pulled too tightly.

Diapers that are too big often leak around the legs, especially when lying down. To check for gaps, try the diaper on while lying down. Always start with the smallest size you think will fit comfortably.


Choosing the correct size of adult diapers or incontinence products is crucial for comfort and leak prevention. It requires considering measurements, body shape, and absorbency needs. Features like elastic waistbands and consultation with healthcare professionals can ensure a secure, comfortable fit, enhancing overall quality of life.

We at Best Health Care Products have been providing personal care essentials, including the best incontinence products of all types and sizes. If you ever find yourself in need of incontinence products, you can rely on us.

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