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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian program aimed at supporting individuals with disabilities. It provides funding for necessary services and products to improve their quality of life and independence.

NDIS products cater to individuals with disabilities, offering a range of aids, equipment, and support services tailored to their specific needs. However, these products can also benefit caregivers, family members, or anyone seeking specialised products for disability care.

No, our store offers a diverse range of products beyond NDIS-related items. We also feature personal care products, sanitisers, face masks, bath oils, and gentle wash products to cater to various needs beyond disability care.

All orders are shipped with the default 'permission to depart' shipping instructions. This will be honoured as long as the person delivering the order believes the location is "safe." If you require special delivery instructions, you must provide them before your order is dispatched.

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